Tuesday, September 9, 2014

3 Months!

Hey, hey, hey! 

Not a lot to write about? I feel like everything's changing back home! It's crazy. Time's going by so quickly. The 18th of October is my official 3 month mark. I can't believe it.

Anywho, lots has happened this week, but I have no idea where to start or what order it's going to come out in, so bear with me.

First of all, our teaching pool has gone through a complete overhaul this week. We've been dumped by a lot of people or "friend-zoned" but we've also found a lot of amazing people who want to know about the church. And last Monday we met a woman who's completely changed my entire outlook on missionary work. Haha. It sounds stupid, but it's true. We met a woman named Xania while out walking. I asked her for (fake) directions home, she pointed us in the right direction, then walked with us down the street, her little dog folling behind her. We asked her what she liked to do and she just started crying on the spot. She explained that her husband and family had all either died or moved away and that she lived all alone with her dog. She just kept saying how little hope she had, and how little she had to look forward to. It broke my heart. We talked with her about her life and introduced her to the Book of Mormon and asked if we could meet with her or help her with anything. She gave us her address but said she didn't have a phone, which makes things complicated. We stopped by her house the other day, but the babooska outside wouldn't let us up. They're a tough crowd, babooskas are. Anywho, the entire time I was talking with her, I just kept thinking about how little I could do for her. I mean, I could share the gospel with her and hug her and try to make her feel better, but the only help that would really mean anything would come from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I felt very small. In a good way. I am nothing in this work without Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Spirit. It feels great. haha.

Other than that, we've had a few good times this week. I went to Samar this week while Sister Pierce had her visa trip. I got to work with Sisters Young and Scoville, whom I'd met over Facebook and at the MTC. It made me appreciate Tolyatti a lot. Samara is really big, and really loud, and very busy. Contacting was a completely different ballgame there. I did get "prolongly-touched" by a drunk man, though. My first! I ended up giving him a Book of Mormon then fleeing as fast as my little feet could carry me. I also had an incident with a public restroom, or lack thereof, two nights ago. I'll save that story for when I return so that I maintain some dignity amongst those who read this. AND, this morning our washing machine almost set Sister Pierce's clothes on fire. There were actualy flames, FLAMES, in our washing machine. Haha. We could NOT stop laughing. 

We're also gearing up for the long Russian winter. We bough bona fide Russian coats this past week at an outdoor market. We brought a member with us who haggled with the coat-dealer. It was pretty crazy. I just remember people throwing coats on me and shoving fur in my face and patting my hips a lot. But, mission accomplished. We got coats! Today we're buying boots, gloves, and hats. 

Tell everyone at home that I say "hi" and I love them. Tell Larky that I'm trying to work on a birthday present, but I make no guarantees. And tell dad to write me! I miss all his fatherly wisdom! Also, if you could have Caitie mail me my memory card after she send the pictures to you guys, I've appreciate it. I'm running out of room here! And tell her that I love her more than Forrest Gump loves Dr. Pepper. 

Thanks for everything you've all done (and keep doing) for me. I think about you all every day. I love you and I know I'm very blessed to have you all in my life.

Love you! Miss you!

Sister Sine

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