Thursday, April 10, 2014

MTC Week 2

Ma cemya!
(My family!)
I friggin love this place. I feel like such a nerd when I say that, like I'm not supposed to, but I love it here. It's like the place I always wanted to be, but didn't know it until I was here. It's pretty great.
Anywho, week two is done! It's been a crazy week. We've been doing a lot more Russian study. My companion and I now teach all of our lessons in Russian. There's a lot of guesswork and improper translation, but it's so much fun. I'm always suprised at what we're able to say by the end of it. We also talk to each other in Russian alllllllll the time. And whenever we see new missionaries, we yell at them in Russian, which gets a lot of great/scared looks.
We've had a lot of great lessons this week. Our teachers are serious the best. One of them, Brat Sorenson, is a spiritual giant. He can teach you how to teach through the spirit faster than anyone I know. He just exudes the spirit. The other one, Brat Kofoed (who played our former investigator), is an amzing language teacher. I don't know what we weould do without them. The other day, while Brat Sorenson was showing us something on his phone, a text message from his girlfriend popped up. It said, "I'm crazy about you too! :))" We called him on it the next day when he wasn't expecting it. You had to be there.
Elder Astle and I have started a war with a banana. We keep putting the same rotten banana in each other's stuff. It went on for about 2 days before I had one of the elders put it in his laundry bag for him to find today. We'll see what happens. Elder Astle and I have also started playing a game where you name all the musical artist you can beginning with a certain letter of the alphabet. The rounds go on for-ever. We also have to ask each other about the music in Russian. Antoher elder, Elder Stoneking, and I also talk a LOT about music. Radiohead and Animal Collective, especially. It feels SO good to be connected to the outside world sometimes.
I LOVE my district. I know I said that last time, but they're the greatest kids I know. Leaving them is going to suck. We're already planning on going to everyone else's homecomings when they get home. haha. I can't wait to get letters from them and hear about their missions. They're all going to be incredible. Our teachers and presidents have told us over and over that there's a BIG work about to go down in Russia, and we're going to be a big part of it. It's so cool to think about. And looking around, I can totally see why these people were called there. The Russian elders/sisters are all so close, and they're so SHARP. I love them all.
Funny story. All the sisters in my district think I'm famous because I dated THE Elder Tyler Christenson's (from The District) brother (Russell). I saw him walking and flagged him down in the hallway to tell him to say hi to Russell for him, and a bunch of girls behing he started squealing and asking me how I knew THE Elder Christenson. Haha. So, thanks, Russell! And Elder Christenson.
Last night we had a really great devotional about our calls here. I'll have to mail you some notes. I'll mail them to Dad later. There were a lot of great stories. The jist, though, was that we're going to be able to find people that we knew in pre-Earth life. It was really powerful, actually.
Also, about sending stuff, if you could send some cookies, I would love it. It's sort of a district tradition that we share our baked goods.
I love you! I love it here! I'll write you a crazy long letter this week. Look for it in the mail!
-Cectra CauH

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